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One Roast Chicken carcass - as much meat stripped off as possible, In many ways I look forward the soup more than the leftover chicken :)

Leftover Chicken Soup Recipe. Serving Size : 4. Preparation Time :0:15. Ingredients: 1 semi-eaten roasted chicken 1 potato 1 carrot 1 onion 1 dash salt

25 Mar 2009 Serves 8 Many people buy a whole roast chicken from the grocery store on the way home (see left ). Once the chicken is picked over ,

Whole peppercorns and bay leaves give their distinctive flavors to this simple but delicious chicken soup recipe. A leftover chicken , a couple of carrots

I have a carcas from a 7 lb bird with 1/2 a breast in tact. How do i turn this into chicken soup ? I have carrots, celery, onion,

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