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18 mar 2009 You need to kill the mildew to take care of the odor. Vinegar kills mildew . Wash the towels again and add 1 cup white distilled vinegar to the wash.

23 Nov 2008 But instead of detergent add a cup of white vinegar to the wash and on 3/10/ 2009 worked like a charm! on 11/23/2008 Isn't vinegar wonderful

RE: Mildew Smell on Towels . Try putting white vinegar in the rinse cycle. I have a lot of sulfur in my water and the vinegar completely removes any rotten

11 Nov 2007 wikiHow has a tried and true method to rid your towels of that stinky mildew smell: vinegar . Put your towels in the washing machine,

Some are even all natural and will also remove towel mildew smell. Add one or two cups of white vinegar . Do not add detergent, fabric softener,

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